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Lets Read And Find Out Science 118册PDF+音频亲子伴读网

亲子伴读网/2022-03-31/ 分类:绘本资源/阅读:
​Harper Collins 所出版的Let’sReadAndFind Out Science《自然科学入门》系列,是由美国Hayden天文馆馆长Dr.F.M.Branley及知名幼教专家Dr.RomaGans联合主编,结合国外数十位一流科学、文学、教育、插画家历时多年创作而成。
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Let's Read and Find Out Science美国自然科学系列



当然每个家庭让孩子接触英语的年龄段不同, 英文启蒙采用的方法不同,所以官方的阅读年龄仅供参考。

科学1适合初级阅读的孩子,可以作为英语启蒙读物,level 1是一些孩子经常接触到, 孩子身边的科学常识。孩子到达一定年龄以后,会对自然科学产生强烈的兴趣,简直就是停不下来的提问机器。这种时候,一套优秀的科普读物将是孩子最喜欢的礼物。尤其是国外一些著名的科学绘本,制作精良,编排符合孩子的认知水平,从孩子的视角发现这个奇妙的世界。






Bugs Are Insects

介绍昆虫的分类特征,及各种不同的昆虫形态。对应Guided Reading等级M级。

重要单词:insect(昆虫)、ant(蚂蚁)、cricket(蟋蟀)、mosquito(蚊子)、butterfly(蝴蝶)、bee(蜜蜂)、ladybug(瓢虫)、skeleton(骨骼)、crab(蟹)、lobster(龙虾)、shrimp(虾)、scorpion(蝎子)、wing(翅膀)、antenna(触角)、 beetle(甲壳虫)、head(头)、thorax(胸)、abdomen(腹)、arachnid(蛛形纲动物)、daddy longlegs(盲蜘蛛)、bug(虫子)、beak(喙)、stinkbug(蝽象)、bedbug(床虱)、water strider(水黾)、suck(吸)、pierce(刺)、bite(咬)、chew(咀嚼)、water boatmen(划蝽)、grasshopper(蚱蜢)、honeycomb(蜂巢)、wasp(黄蜂)



1-1 How Many Teeth?

1-2 I Can Tell by Touching

1-3 I'm Growing!

1-4 Look at Your Eyes

1-5 My Feet

1-6 My Five Senses

1-7 My Hands

1-8 On the Move

1-9 Sleep Is for Everyone

Plants and Animals:

1-10 Animals in Winter

1-11 Baby Whales Drink Milk

1-12 Big Tracks,Little Tracks

1-13 Bugs Are Insects

1-14 Dinosaurs Big and Small

1-15 Ducks Don't Get Wet

1-16 Fireflies in the Night

1-17 From Caterpillar to Butterfly

1-18 From Seed to Pumpkin

1-19 From Tadpole to Frog

1-20 How Animal Babies Stay Safe

1-21 How a Seed Grows

1-22 A Nest Full of Eggs

1-23 Our Puppies Are Growing

1-24 Starfish

1-25 A Tree Is a Plant

1-26 What Lives in a Shell?

1-27 What's Alive.PDF

1-28 What's It Like to Be a Fish?

1-29 Where Are the Night Animals?

1-30 Where Do Chicks Come From?

The World Around Us:

1-31 Air Is All Around You

1-32 The Big Dipper

1-33 Clouds

1-34 Is There Life in Outer Space

1-35 Pop!

1-36 Snow Is Falling

1-37 Sounds All Around

1-38 What Makes a Shadow?

1-39 A Cavity Is a Hole in Your Tooth

1-40 Everybody, Move Your Feet!

1-41 Why Can't I Have Cake for Dinner?


1 Germs Make Me Sick!

2 Hear Your Heart

3 The Skeleton Inside you

4 What Happens to a Hamburger?

5 Why I Sneeze, Shiver, Hiccup, and Yawn

6 Your Skin and Mine

7 Almost Gone

8 Ant Cities

9 Be a Friend to Trees

10 Chirping Crickets

11 Corn Is Maize

12 Dolphin Talk

13 Honey in a Hive

14 How Do Apples Grow?

15 How Do Birds Find Their Way?

16 Life in a Coral Reef

17 Look Out for Turtles!

18 Milk from Cow to Carton

19 An Octopus Is Amazing

20 Penguin Chick

21 Snakes Are Huntes

22 Spinning Spiders

23 What Color is Camouflage?

24 Who Eats What?

25 Who Lives in an Alligator Hole?

26 Why Do Leaves Change Color?

27 Why Frogs Are Wet

28 Wiggling Worms at Work

29 Zipping,Zapping,Zooming Bats

30 Did Dinosaurs Have Feathers?

31 Digging Up Dinosaurs

32 Dinosaur Bones

33 Dinosaur Tracks

34 Dinosaurs Are Different

35 Fossils Tell of Long Ago

36 What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

37 Floating in Space

38 The International Space Station

39 Mission to Mars

40 The Moon Seems to Change

41 The Planets in Our Solar System

42 The Sky Is Full of Stars

43 The Sun: Our Nearest Star

44 What Makes Day and Night

45 What the Moon Is Like

46 Down Comes the Rain

47 Feel the Wind

48 Flash,Crash,Rumble,and Roll

49 Sunshine Makes the Seasons

50 Tornado Alert

51 What Will the Weather Be?

52 Archaeologists Dig for Clues

53 Earthquakes

54 Follow the Water from Brook to Ocean

55 How Mountains Are Made

56 Let's Go Rock Collecting

57 Oil Spill!

58 Volcanoes

59 What's So Bad About Gasoline?

60 Why Are the Ice Caps Melting?

61 You're Aboard Spaceship Earth

62 Day Light, Night Light

63 Energy Makes Things Happen

64 Forces Make Things Move

65 Gravity Is a Mystery

66 How People Learned to Fly

67 Switch On,Switch Off

68 What Is the World Made Of?

69 What Makes a Magnet?

70 Where Does the Garbage Go

71 Where Did Dinosaurs Come From?

72 Where Do Polar Bears Live?

73 What Happens to Our Trashl

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